In 1990, Laurent Godin got his degree from Les Beaux Arts de Lyon. He then worked several years with the galerist Roger Pailhas in Marseille first then in Paris. In 1993 he was in charge with Pontus Hulten of the sculpture park « Devant le Futur » based in South Korea where he’ll spend a couple years. Between 2000 and 2005 he is made head of « Le Rectangle », Lyon Contemporary Art Center, where he will present exhibitions by Wang Du, L’atelier Van Lieshout, Stephan Balkenhol, Anselm Kiefer… In 2005 he is curator and organizer of a large sculpture exhibition in Jinan, China during which he showed pieces by Daniel Buren, Pierre Huygue, Anne Veronica Janssen… Convinced by the major role galeries play for artists, he finally founded his own gallery in 2005 with the support and trust of many artists.  

The gallery was founded in 2005 by Laurent Godin. It is located in the heart of Le Marais in Paris, one block from the Centre Pompidou.

Since 10 years the program focuses on emerging and established artists – the gallery currently represents 20 artists – working with different media and participating to the discussion and evolution of contemporary art debate with a particular attention with practices dealing with politics and socio-cultural content.

Acclaimed solo shows by Peter Buggenhout, Gonzalo Lebrija, Haim Steinbach, Mika Rottenberg, Alan Vega– among others - have been held in the marais space. But also several group shows gathering works by the artists of the gallery and other great international artists such as Eugène Leroy, Hans Josephson, John Armleder, Francis Picabia…

In October 2015, the gallery celebrated its 10 year anniversary, opening a new space in Paris ; 500 square meters in the east of Paris. This second space is a new tool for new perspectives : As the space is located a little way out/far of the city center, it is an invitation to taketime to re-think our relation to the art works and the exhibitions, out of the « classical gallery track ».

This project space will be a multi task / multi fonction space, the gallery will organize there group shows but also solo shows only once or twice a year, events, talks…It is an ongoing project that aim to open new perspective /windows for visitors and artists of the gallery.

Galerie Laurent Godin also represents its artists in the most important international art fairs in Paris, Cologne, Miami, NY, Bruxelles...