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  • Arsenale Nord Venice (map)

Group show, HyperPavilion

Part of the Venice Biennale


HyperPavilion is a large-scale contemporary art exhibition situated on the northern side of the Arsenale of Venice in three historic warehouses, adding up to 3000m2

The exhibition displays a dynamic selection of artworks that address the consequences of art after the arrival of the digital, as well as investigating new ways to exhibit these outcomes. All artworks are site specific and most of them were created specifically for this project. HyperPavilion focuses on an international roster of artists, whose common objectives question, challenge and respond to furthering digital transition.

HyperPavilion seeks to explore the ways in which the digital and physical worlds have merged to create an entangled hybrid reality that encompasses us globally, and now offers a new aesthetic with new consequences and new organisation.

Post-digital is not a new medium anymore, the digitalisation of the world has happened and we are living beyond the e-renaissance brought on by new ways of seeing and immersion. Digitalisation leads us to post-media, and that in turn suggests hybridisation where things become indiscernible from one other, ultimately leading to a totally homogenous implosion of heterotopias.

Currently, artists are constructing and inventing imaginary compositions from an undefined frontier; a space of otherness, confrontation and mixed identity. A coupling of the real and the imaginary. The artworks typically collect, archive, accumulate, digitalise, incorporate and erase data. They are constantly evolving.

Therefore, HyperPavilion is not about digital art, but about art in the digital age.


Commissaire d'exposition : Philippe RISS-SCHMIDT

Vernissage le 11 Mai de 12h à 15h

Earlier Event: May 4
Later Event: May 13